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Graspmathologist Dr. R. Yates the inventor and innovator of Graspmatyx has introduced Graspmatyx to  several States of the U. S. A, England U. K., Germany, Ghana, Ethiopia, Guyana South/Latin America, U. S. Virgin Eyelands, BVI, Puerto Rico, Antigua, Barbados, Common Wealth of Dominica, Grenada, ST. Kitts/Nevis, ST. Lucia, ST. Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago, also on YOUTUBE videos. 


What is Graspmatyx? 


Graspmatyx is the fusing of two words Grasp, as to stand, comprehend, the grabbing of information with the academical mind, also the Kanshious mind of HU.  Grasp as an acronym means Get Re-educated Also Stay Productive. Matyx derived of Ma'At She the Mother of Math, or Art-rhy-matik the Art and Rhythm of Mathematics.


Graspmatyx is based on 7 Principles.

(1) Perception. (2) Reasoning. (3) Rhythm. (4) Linguistics. (5) Etymology (6) Spirituality. (7) (Re-storation).


Graspmatyx helped students, teachers, parents, and other adults overcome the apprehension, intimidation, or fear of learning fractions, decimals, percentage, ratio, Arithmetic Times Tables mentally, way above 12x12 British and USA Times Tables of memorization, and recitation, or parrotizational way of learning. 


Graspmathologist Dr Yates is a math coach, helping students parents and teachers he calls The Trinity of Education, become Mathletes by learning Graspmatyx and the languages that teaches Graspmatyx best titled Graspish  with English and Amharic. 


Teachers teach students what to think. 


Therefore, Guyanist Dr R. Yates teaches students, teachers and parents HOW to THINK. 


The math language Graspish helps teachers teach Arithmetic and Mathematics without the confusion of English. 


Lehmeh salay (for example), English teaches 1 is the starting number. 

Graspish teaches 0 is the starting number. 

English teaches to "spell " words.

Graspish teaches to letter the words.

English spells the number 1 One. 

Graspish letter the word 1 as Won. 

English says 0 means nothing,  naught, it has no value.

Graspish teaches 0 means starting number, foundation, grounding, starting point, equilibrium, balance, the value of 0 is 0, it also value more than Zero 0.


Graspmatyx teaches how to think is Greater than what to think. There is no such thing as nothing, for there is always something. Zero 0 has the shape of an oval, or Circle. Therefore, it is not nothing. 

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